30 weeks pregnant with twins!

Wow, we made it to 30 weeks!! That, my friends, is amazing and wonderful! Looking back, the past two weeks have seemed to fly by, which is a blessing. I’m still on bed rest, and likely have four more weeks before the dr. lifts my bed rest restrictions. My contractions have lessened significantly in the past two weeks, which is most likely due to the increase in medications I’m taking each day. So what does a “typical” day look like around here?!

-I wake up and Grant so graciously makes me a protein/berry smoothie for breakfast, which I eat in bed.
-I shower and get ready for the day (a must for me to feel somewhat normal!!)
-Oftentimes, I spend the morning upstairs on the guest bed and then the afternoon and evening on the couch downstairs. During this time, I edit wedding photos, read, research random things online, browse pinterest, crochet, etc.
-Grant comes home and makes me an amazingly tasty dinner :) We spend the evening together and then hit “repeat” for the next day!

If you’re thinking “Man, bed rest sounds like a dream!!”… I must say, choosing to lounge around in the same two positions all day (laying on left side or right side) would be very different than being forced to (let alone having to for weeks on end). It is quite painful on my body to be so inactive, and terribly challenging to not be able to do basic daily tasks. However, when I feel myself getting discouraged, I remind myself that this is a short season of life in the scheme of things, and it really is all for a very important reason!!

We have been SO blessed by friends and family who have stepped in to support and encourage us during this time. From Grant’s mom who helped with a TON of yard work and cleaning, to my mom who has helped make so many things for the nursery (like crib skirts and crib sheets!) and organize baby clothes, and gracious friends who have brought us meals the past couple weeks. To all of you, I couldn’t say “thank you” enough. Thank you also to all of you who have covered us in prayer!

A huge thank you to my amazing husband. I can’t imagine him loving or serving me more/better during this time. I can only imagine how hard it is for him to have an endlessly long list of things to do each day and each week (you know, the basics like cleaning, cooking, laundry, yard work, groceries, etc!!) on top of caring for me and dealing with my emotions. He is the most sacrificial person I know!

And a random fact…we outgrew our queen bed. I know I know, that probably sounds crazy. But with this belly and a pregnancy body pillow, we simply ran out of space to sleep comfortably. So, we made the jump to a king bed and we’ve both slept like a dream the past couple nights :) Plus, now there is plenty of space for little kiddos to snuggle with us in bed to read bedtime stories! Can’t wait!

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