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The Motherhood Event

It’s HERE! Sign-ups for my 2019 Motherhood Event are open! I have created this event as a way to honor and pamper YOU, mama! Your hard work to care for, teach, and nurture your children is beautiful and has more meaning than you’ll ever truly know. You are worth being celebrated! Come to my studio…

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Children and Baby Photos: Brothers!

Photographing these two in my studio was less like a portrait session and more like hanging out with them and watching them play! I love when children are themselves in front of my camera; it delights me to captures images like these! How SWEET are these two brothers?! -Clothing borrowed from my studio wardrobe.

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Modern Studio Family Photography

I know I’ve said both of these things before, but I feel them so strongly as I type out this post today: I seriously get to work with the most quality of people! This family was one I wanted to spend all day with. I love when families light up around each other, even when…

2018 In Review

I look back at 2018 and I am simply amazed and humbled. Humbled that so many families entrusted me to capture such important times in their lives, and amazed at how far I’ve come. If you don’t know my story, I photographed weddings for 1o years, and during that time, weddings were my absolute love….

9 month old milestone photography

This Kansas City Family Photography session made me so thankful to have a studio! It got unseasonably chilly so early here, so this family came to the studio for a fall session and will do their outdoor session in the spring!  Studio sessions are perfect for baby’s first year milestones; they can explore and just…

2018 Holiday Mini Sessions Recap

A couple weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity of photography 14 children in one quick morning for my Christmas minis! I couldn’t be more thrilled with how these sessions went: I got to work with the BEST families and stylish children, the morning flowed well, and ALL of the children were cooperative! That last…