Motherhood Session

One of the very best parts about being a photographer is the connections I am privileged to make. I’m so grateful for this dear friend, Laura! She is a SUPER talented photographer, and mama to two beautiful little girls. I’m so thankful I got to meet her when she moved to Kansas City, and she has become a dear friend of mine. Her motherhood session was one of my first sessions in my new studio, which makes these images extra special to me.

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Fall Milestone Session

There is something so magical to me about a late fall session. The colors, the warm setting sun when there is a chill in the air…it is stunning to me. This session marked sweet little Henry’s 6 month milestone, the 2nd session in their membership with me.

Mom’s dress borrowed from the studio. Hair and makeup by Erin Fitzgibbon.

Newborn photos: Lifestyle or posed?

If you’ve had a newborn session with me recently, you were probably asked if you prefer the look of “lifestyle” newborn photos or posed photos. I’m here to explain what the difference is, and share examples of each!

I have to kick off this post by saying that one of these styles is not better than the other. I truly love incorporating both of these looks in my studio! I began photographing newborns in a posed style, and as my style evolves, I’ve been incorporating more of an unposed, lifestyle look as well. Lifestyle newborn photos are unswaddled and unposed. The newborn will either be wearing a sweet little outfit, or even just a diaper cover. These photos take you back to those early days and weeks in your newborn’s life, how they held their hands, how they loved their arms above their head, etc! This is a great option for when a baby arrives to the session wide awake and don’t even hint at being sleepy! I personally love wide-eyed newborn photos, as I feel they capture so much personality!

Posed newborn photos are just that – much more posed! These photos are taken on my newborn posing bag, so the background is a simple, clean white. I focus in on those tiny newborn features, and get lots of variety of poses.

I hope it helps to see examples of these two different styles! I wonder which one you gravitate to the most?! I can absolutely incorporate a few of both styles during your newborn session if you love them both! <3

Fall Family Session

I only have two sessions available on my 2021 fall calendar for outdoor family shoots! Contact me right away if you’ve been considering getting your family portraits taken!

Baby Aiden

Oh how this sweet baby boy captured my heart! His blonde hair, wrinkly forehead and wide eyes <3 Here are just a handful of my favorites!

Mom’s dress was borrowed from the studio; one of my favorite dresses!

wide-eyed newborn session


The longer I photograph newborns, the less and less I worry about them falling asleep to be able to pose them. I have grown to adore photographing a wide-awake baby in natural poses, the way parents will remember their brand new baby! <3 Enjoy a few favorites from this session!