Modern In-Home Motherhood Session

This in-home motherhood session was one of my very last shoots before the stay-home order due to COVID! I was so honored to be invited as an educator for the Motherhood Anthology on the topic of shooting and editing lifestyle sessions, and this session was for that purpose. I was video’d, and then I did a voice-over to teach about how I shoot a session like this. This mama, her kids and her home are absolutely beautiful, and this session was so much fun to shoot, even with a very lively, active 2 year old! ;) Sessions like these are playful and interactive!

Sunrise Maternity Session

I’ve been so eager to share this session! I shot mostly medium format film for this session, which inspires me to slow down and be intentional about the moments I capture. This family was so connected and joyful together, as they wait for baby sister to arrive! <3

Mama’s wardrobe provided by the studio.

Film processed by The Find Lab.

In-studio Baby Girl Newborn Session

I’m so grateful for all my clients who had so much patience as they waited to reschedule their newborn session after the COVID stay-home order! I was worried that photographing babies older than I was used to meant babies that weren’t as sleepy, but this sweet baby girl proved me wrong! She was as darling as ever, and their session was a delight!

All COVID precautions are happening at my studio – extra sanitation, hand washing and masks! I’m thankful to be back shooting in my studio again! <3

Spring Family Portraits

I’m finally getting caught up on some blog posts! I have a couple to share from before the COVID quarantine, which means I’m WAY behind, ha! I was so thankful to get this family’s session in before we were all forced to stay home this spring! I loved how joyful and playful they were together <3

Six Months In-studio Photoshoot

One thing I love to capture during each session with a baby? The baby snuggling with mama! I learned quickly that snuggling on mama is this little guy’s favorite thing!  What a CUTIE!