28 weeks pregant with twins!

What a past couple weeks it’s been around here! Not only did I experience my first hospital visit due to contractions and was put on bed rest…but I’ve since been to the hospital two more times! Grant took me in on Sunday, because I was having regular contractions again that didn’t seem to be letting up. The nurses put three monitors around my belly (one for each babies’ heart beat and one for contractions) and sure enough, I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes! Over the next couple hours, I was given various drugs to stop the contractions, and nothing seemed to work.

Sunday evening was a time full of emotion, as I was given steroids to help speed up the babies’ lung development in case they are born very early, and was told I wouldn’t be leaving the hospital until the contractions stopped. I thought for sure I would be in the hospital until the babies arrived…whether that would be a few days or few weeks! I suddenly didn’t feel prepared to become a mother so soon! I mean, we don’t even have their names 100% decided upon!

Monday morning came and the contractions continued. However, PRAISE GOD, they slowed and almost even stopped around noon!! I had to stay in the hospital until that evening to receive my 2nd steroid shot, which gave my body plenty of time to relax and decide it was NOT in labor! :)

I’m now home again, on even more medications to keep the contractions at bay, which has been successful so far. Compared to being on bed rest in a hospital, being home on bed rest seems glorious! Ok, well not exactly, but it sure is a million times better!

This morning we had the babies’ monthly growth scan, and they are perfect in size! A little larger than the average baby at this point, with baby girl weighing in at 2lbs 14oz and baby boy tipping the scale at 3lbs 1oz! What a joyful moment it was for me to know they are growing right on schedule! I hope and pray my body will keep them in for another 4-8 weeks!!

{Bump photos will be a little less frequent, as that’s hard to do when I’m supposed to stay horizontal 24/7! For those who have asked for nursery updates…it’s currently a disaster and I’m not able to work on it. So I’m hopeful that the babies will cook inside me long enough to be taken off bed rest and have a little time to work on it!}

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