Nate & Staci | Married!

It’s couples like Nate & Staci who make me believe I have THE best job in the world. Words can’t express how much of a privilege it was for me to photograph their wedding day. From the laughter to Staci’s excited/nervous waiting for key events to take place, to the life-changing vows spoken during the ceremony and the many beautiful moments between Nate & Staci and their family, this wedding day was as perfect was wedding days come.

Nate and Staci, I think SO highly of you both and can’t believe you’re already married!! I wish you THE very best that comes with being a Mr. and Mrs :)

Most details you’ll see in this wedding are DIY by the bride. She’s pretty incredible :) These shoes, for example? One of a kind and gorgeous with the lace she added to them!Staci was so peaceful throughout all her preparations!You are a beautiful woman, inside and out :)That moment right after a bride’s dress all buttoned?! Priceless :)You two were a dream to photograph!This is Nate’s grandma. I almost want to frame these photos in my house because they make me smile so big…but I suppose that would be odd since they’re not my family?! haha!
I love that the women surrounded Staci in prayer before she walked down the fun!I LOVE this first dance shot my 2nd shooter captured.View even more photos in their slideshow HERE! :)

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