26 weeks pregnant with twins (a week late!)

Hello! So, the picture below is officially a week late, as I will be 27 weeks tomorrow. Also, you’ll see that there is now an inconvenient door in the background of the photo rather than a grey wall. Although it doesn’t make these weekly photos look nearly as nice, it means that there has been progress in the nursery! Below is a sneak look at what is now on the blank wall where I had been doing these belly shots :)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a pregnancy update, and the only part of it that stands out as being noteworthy is the news from this week: I’m now on bed rest. I felt my first couple contractions while shooting the toasts during last weekend’s gorgeous wedding (talk about bad timing!!), and on Tuesday this week my doctor told me I needed to be tracking them. So I did, and it turns out they were happening every 2-3 minutes consistently. They aren’t painful, but definitely obvious. I called the on-call nurse, who recommended I go into Labor & Delivery at the hospital to be monitored.

While hooked up to three monitors (one for my contractions, and one for each of the babies’ heart beats), it was clear that I was indeed having regular contractions. I was given an an IV of fluids and an injection of Terbutaline to stop the contractions. Thankfully, my body was giving no other signs of labor and after a couple hours, the contractions calmed down. I was dismissed from the hospital with orders to be on bedrest and to take a medication (basically a muscle relaxer) as needed when I felt more than 6 contractions each hour.

I saw my dr. yesterday, and explained that I was still having contractions but primarily only when I would stand or sit upright. She gave me another pill to take and told me I will need to remain on bed rest.

Overall, I am encouraged that the babies are doing well and that I have no other signs of labor! Bed rest will absolutely be challenging, as thrive on being busy and productive…but I will keep my eyes on the goal, which is healthy, full-term babies!!

I am SO thankful and blessed beyond measure to have such a wonderful, encouraging and supportive husband throughout this time. We’ve also felt so blessed by our supportive friends and family. If that’s you, here’s a BIG thank you and hug :)

For those of you reading this who have been on bed rest, what are your top tips to endure this season??