32 weeks pregnant with twins!

32 weeks – another big milestone that I am grateful to have hit. Not too much news to report this time, which is a good thing, huh?! I am starting my 7th week of bed rest. In the past couple weeks I’ve only had once or twice that I was feeling enough contractions to even track them, and once I did they weren’t happening frequently enough to be concerning (the rule they gave me is more than 10 an hour for 2 consecutive hours).

My doctor recently took me off Procardia (one of the medications to help slow the contractions) because it was making my heart race. I’m hoping this week will still be uneventful, despite stopping this medication!

We bought a Bob double stroller this past weekend!! SO crazy to imagine two little babies sitting in there. I look forward to many runs and walks with them!

The biggest thing I’ll miss about being pregnant? Feeling these little ones move inside me. Their movements have become so much stronger and more defined lately. Love it.

And lastly, a couple stats from my ultrasound last week: Baby boy was approximately 4lbs 5 oz and baby girl was 4lbs 2 oz. They were both head down, and hopefully they stay that way! Also, this big belly of mine was measuring 39 weeks last week (so if I were having just one baby, this is how big I’d be at 39 weeks)!

Thank you for following along on this journey with me!

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