Wooden Image Boxes

I frequently get asked why I have chosen to not offer all digital files with my newborn session fees, and I’d love to share why! Have you ever had photos taken that you absolutely LOVED…and yet a few years later they are still on your computer or a flash drive? Or only on facebook? This is where my heart breaks a little and my eyes almost get watery to shed a tear!! If you invest in having beautiful photos taken, they are not meant to live on a screen! They are to be out in the open, where your eyes catch sight of them day after day, reminding you of so many memories and emotions of what that particular season of life felt like.

So, while I do offer digital packages for my newborn sessions, my heart longs for you to have real images you can see and touch! This seems to be so rare these days, doesn’t it?! I’d love to do the work for you in getting these images printed, because I know how much time and energy it takes to pick out your favorites, let alone decide on a product or the size or put together an album.

This wooden box of 4x6s is one of my very favorite products! All images from the shoot are included, so you won’t have to pick and choose just a handful of favorites. I love that there is still room in the box to be a place to house your most meaningful treasures right there with photos from when your baby was just days old!

Welcome! I'm so thrilled you stopped by. Get comfy and take a look around at some of my recent shoots, and drop me a message to connect more!

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tel 913-209-8842Kansas City