The Twins: 8 months!

Another month post already!? I feel like I just wrote their 7 month update last week!

Month 8 has been really fun (for the most part!). Where to even begin?
AMP_1782blogWell, I will start by sharing some highlights of the month:

A couple weeks ago, we participated in our church’s child dedication. It was a joy to stand before our church body and declare that with God’s help and grace, we will raise our children in a Christ-centered way, for His glory. There were three services with child dedications that Sunday and at the service we were a part of, there were three sets of twins being dedicated!

For Easter last weekend, we traveled to Iowa to visit my parents. My grandparents also made the trip, so it was a full house! I always love seeing Abe & Madeline’s grandparents and great-grandparents interact with them! It’s a great blessing to have such a loving family; something I never want to take for granted. Our drive back to KC was the best trip we’ve had with the kiddos so far! They were mostly happy the whole way and never had any screaming fits – whoo hoo! :)

Both children are ticklish now – oh my goodness gracious, so fun!

One of our favorite parts of the day is snack time! Grant and I feed them a snack when he gets home from work, which usually consists of pieces of banana, grapes, or snack puffs/rice cakes along with water in a sippy cup. If it’s nice outside, we’ll go sit on a blanket in the backyard, which they really love!AMP_1790blogAMP_1832blogAnd now for some tidbits about each baby…starting with Mr. Abe:

Oh, the laughter Abe brings to our family! He is a very happy-go-lucky kid, and his expressions and babbles keep us laughing! He enjoys playing with any toy/object we give him, and he typically prefers sitting over playing on his tummy. He likes making a racket with toys by holding two and hitting them together. Typical boy :) His limited form of transportation is rolling; he has not yet showed any interest in crawling. He has two front teeth and his hair is getting so wild! In the photos below, his hair is how it is normally…if you’ve seen any pics of him with a mow hawk, that’s his daddy’s doing! :) He loves going on walks and sitting outside. He laughs all throughout the day, both a deep belly laugh as well as his single “ha”s! Watching him learn to self-feed has been so fun, and he seems to really enjoy it as well! Madeline is always very interested in Abe, but he seems to have a sense of personal space, and scrunches his little face when she comes nearby, to prepare himself for being poked in the face or getting his hair pulled. He is not a fan of those things!

Abe’s best news this month? We got to say, so long to his helmet!!!! I will do a separate post with pics later this week.
AMP_1843blogI could share SO many videos with you, but I’ll just try this one. I’ve not tried to post my own video in a post before, so we’ll see if this works!

IMG_1717.MOVAMP_1939blogIt’s becoming increasingly challenging to get pics of these two together, because Madeline is on the move! She starting crawling right after their 7 month update, and now she hardly ever sits still! She loves crawling over things (like my legs) … I’m pretty sure just for the sake of the challenge. She likes to get up on all fours to her bear crawl or yoga pose! She has also pulled herself up to her feet a few times! Oh how different life is now that she is on the move…and I’m totally fine with Abe taking his time to figure out how to crawl! :)AMP_1957blogOh my sweet little Miss Madeline! She is a very independent gal. Now that she can go places, she loves exploring anything and everything, and once she has her mind set on something, she is determined to get it! As she plays and explores, she lets out all sorts of squeals and babbles that warm this mama’s heart! This month she has learned how to make a clicking noise with her tongue, and when I do it back to her, she gets a huge, sometimes shy smile, as if she’s thinking, “Mom! You learned my trick!” She now has three teeth on the bottom, and we’re wondering if another one is going to pop up soon, as she gnaws on anything she can find. Her hair is coming in more and more…though it’s nearly impossible to tell in these photos, as she still looks bald from the front! One of my favorite things now that Madeline can crawl, is that she often crawls up into my lap. Oh how I love that so much! Also in this month, we discovered that she gets energized around people. When we were with my parents and grandparents, as well as when we visited some friends in Des Moines, she got so loud and full of energy! I’ve never seen her get so loud and excited! I think she’s going to be a very extroverted girl!AMP_1980blogAMP_1996blogThis is what happens when I try to get a picture of them laying on their backs next to each other, ha!
AMP_2003blogAll for now!AMP_2046blog

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