23 weeks pregnant with twins

Time for another update on the twins! I had another ultrasound on Friday; Grant was out of town so my mom was able to come with me. SO fun! Here are some random facts from the appointment, as well as general pregnancy updates:

1. Both babies are in the 50th percentile in size, and are about a pound & a half each.

2. Yes, baby boy had hiccups during the ultrasound when the tech was measuring his heartbeat! Amazing!!

3. Baby girl is on my right side and head down, baby boy is on my left side with his head up by my ribs. There is still plenty of time and room in there for him to flip upside down!

4. At 23 weeks, my “fundal height”  is measuring 30 weeks! So if I were having just one baby, this is how big my belly would be at 30 weeks. Crazy! No wonder basic, daily tasks are becoming more of a chore with this belly getting in my way :)

5. My doctor quickly expressed how my weight gain is great and right on track, which was extremely relieving to hear.

6. I can now watch my belly move as the babies kick! Unbelievable! I often find myself distracted by it throughout the day and staring at my belly, waiting to see it again!

7. Apparently stretching skin = very itchy skin. I apply creams and lotions to my belly multiple times a day, but the itching persists. Of course, compared to other things I could be feeling/experiencing, this is nothing to complain about, even though it’s quite aggravating.

8. I get asked all the time if I’m having a boy, because I guess I am carrying really low. It’s always fun to see people’s reactions when I say “yes but…there’s also a girl in here too!”

8. We do have our cribs and baby dresser in my office/soon-to-be-nursery, and will be sharing some in-progress posts soon!

Just for fun, here is a comparison series from 15-23 weeks!

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