21 weeks pregnant with twins

Time seems to be flying by these days. From preparing for wedding season to start up in a couple weeks to running errands, to being out sick for a whole week (nothing like sickness to make you REALLY grateful for good health!), to organizing my office in preparation for the nursery, to photographing babies…phew! Reminding myself to take time to rest and do something that nourishes my soul each day is a must!

Pregnancy updates? A couple weeks ago I began having intense pain in my lower abdomen when I took walks. I called the nurse and she said it’s likely round ligament pain and muscles stretching…but that it’s definitely my body telling me something, so I need to back off on walking. Which was a discouraging piece of news to hear, because I was finally getting used to the idea of walking as exercise rather than running! The nurse also suggested I buy a belly support band to see if that’s helpful when I walk, and it’s like magic. (magic in the comfort department, but it’s most certainly NOT convenient or discreet unless I’m wearing lots of layers!) I was able to walk the Trolly Run with Grant and one of my good friends, with no pain at all. Praise God!

Otherwise, I’ve been feeling really great. Sleep has become more challenging and my feet get swollen very quickly, but both of those are expected and are nothing to complain about. No strange food cravings to report!

As the text in the photo above says, I am getting looks and questions all the time now in public. Two questions I received today from different people 1) “Are you due soon?” {what?! am I really looking that large? Yikes!} and 2) “Are you having a boy?” {well that’s a strange question – do I look like I’m having a boy?!} It’s also funny to see people’s responses when I tell them I’m having twins…”Oh wow, then you have a VERY high-risk pregnancy” {not exactly what you want to say to a woman pregnant with twins!} and “whoa, be prepared, you’re going to get HUGE!” {haha, yes I know, but also not so kind to point out!} I’m sure the comments and questions will become more and more as these next few months continue. I have yet to have a stranger touch my belly, thank goodness, and I’m not looking forward to that day!

Yes, we have chosen names we love, and no, we will not be making those names public! :) Besides, there are still a few months for us to change our minds!

I will always remember the moment Grant felt a kick for the first time. He let out a funny yell and then was grossed out, because it felt like an alien inside me :) Haha! The next crazy milestone will be when he can SEE a kick from the outside!

And last update…their cribs have been ordered!

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