The Twins: 10 months!

Can you tell it’s been a busy past few weeks, by the lack of blog posts lately?! Time seems to be flying by, which I have a hunch I’ll be feeling for quite some time!

For now, a little update on the twins with lots of photos! Their tenth month was difficult due Abe and Madeline being sick off and on. First Abe had a fever and was not acting like himself, and then once he got better, both he and Madeline were hit with yucky colds. And on top of that, both kids now have four top teeth (Madeline has four on the bottom and Abe still has two), so teething was certainly a challenge this month as well. The last part of the month has been smooth sailing and so much fun!

I’m realizing how much I need to record favorite moments as they happen, otherwise I get to this monthly post and have a hard time remembering key events and milestones!

In the beginning of the month, I took this photo below, which is one of my absolute favorites. Abe learned how to high-five right there in the kitchen! I  love that Madeline is looking on :)
Ten months001During playtime, this scene below happens about every few minutes. For some reason, Madeline feels a need to crawl over Abe to get where she wants to go, even if there is a wide open path around him. As you can imagine, Abe is not too fond of this habit of hers! Ten months002Mornings are still one of my favorite parts of the day. I love their huge grins and laughter when we walk into their room in the mornings. We’ve now been taking off their jammies and letting them “talk” to each other for a bit before starting with diaper changes. It’s so sweet!Ten months003As I’ve written before, we call Madeline our little “nut” – she’s so goofy at times…as seen in the picture on the left below! This is a very normal face for her to make, not just a random one I happened to catch on camera. Silly girl! She and Abe have both been loving exploring the ottoman – aka toy chest!!Ten months004My parents were so generous with their time to come and help with the babies to give Grant and I a night away! My first night away from them!! We left around 3pm and walked around the plaza together, which was SO fun. I forget how much I miss doing normal outings with Grant until we actually get an opportunity to get away together! We had dinner and then our plan was to stay at a hotel in order to sleep in, which was Grant’s requested Father’s Day gift! Well, long story short, we had a fantastic time together until the hotel part. We stayed at a very nice hotel, and there just happened to be a birthday party in the hotel and the DJ was not abiding by their sound laws. Meaning – the sound of a very loud bass is not exactly a sound that soothes us to sleep! Needless to say, we hardly got even 4 hours of sleep and our room was comped by the hotel. So, we ended up staying in a fancy hotel for free and got much less sleep than we normally would, despite sleeping in. Ha! But, my parents had a blast with the kids and they loved being with their grandparents!Ten months005On the right, Abe is sitting in my mom’s lap with the sweetest little sick expression, with drainage pouring from his face. Poor guy! On the right – both kids LOVE this Itsy Bitsy puppet book! In fact, because they light up so much when they see it, Grant and I went out and bought them a duck puppet who quacks – a huge hit!! Ten months006This is the best family shot of the month, haha!Ten months007Meal times continue to be really fun. Sometimes they get really goofy during a meal, sometimes they reach out to hold each other’s hands, while other times they cry and I have no idea why! Looking forward to them catching on to some sign language so I can better help them in those moments. Ten months008Once again, getting 10 month pics of them was quite a challenge! Neither of them will sit still, which means I ended up confining them to their cribs to get some pics of them! :) I adore this first one of Madeline; I love how she has a firecracker side to her, and also such a sweet side as well. She’s so darling! Madeline swiftly cruises along furniture now and is a very speedy crawler. I think it will be a bit still before she starts walking, but who knows!Ten months009haha! Showing off those teeth!Ten months010My little Abe needs a haircut!! Ahh!! We will be headed to IA in a couple weeks for a friend’s wedding, and I decided we must get it cut before then. I can’t wait to have his hair not so shaggy, but I also wish we could just leave it! I’m eager to know how he’ll do…I imagine with how little he likes people and things in his personal space, that he won’t be thrilled about the process! Abe still army crawls and is now able to pull up onto his knees. He can also go from his tummy back to sitting, but still hasn’t figured out how to crawl on his knees yet. One of these days he’s going to take off!Ten months011Ten months012His smile melts my heart!
Ten months013Both kids are quite vocal these days. Abe loves mimicking our sounds – we can go back and forth for a long time, even in the car! So fun. I’m taking in all the mama’s I get from Madeline, and I’m still encouraging Abe with that one! :) They also love opening the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, so it’s time to get baby proof locks on them! The biggest hazard is one of them smashing the other’s fingers in a drawer – yikes! Madeline has figured out how to open the nursery door, which we find to be so funny! The doorknob is just in her reach when she stands in her crib!Ten months014Typical Madeline style – get whatever Abe is playing with! Because that’s so much cooler than her own toy! Abe seems to find great delight in sharing (and will even offer us his toys!), something I hope he never grows out of! It’s been so fun seeing these two interact with each other more this past month!Ten months015Ten months016The only way I could get a good shot of both of them is by playing peek-a-boo around the corner! Had to keep their attention somehow!Ten months017I’m sure there are so many fun details I’m missing, but they just woke up from their morning nap so I will publish this and add more later as I think of it!!

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