Our New House: Living Room

Finally another post of our “new” home! Here are the rooms I’ve blogged so far:
Dining Room

As I’ve mentioned before, when we bought our house in December, I was not looking forward to moving in. Plain and simple, I thought our house was ugly! But my husband saw great potential in it, and I’m thankful for his vision! Literally just minutes after taking possession of the house, we had a crew of friends in there, ready to work! We first tackled the kitchen and living room. After the first few hours in our new house, two friends of ours sanded down all the walls and builtins in the living room! We got a bid for a company to sand and paint the living room, but decided it wouldn’t be too hard to do it ourselves. I’m glad we didn’t spend the money on it, but it certainly wasn’t easy! Even with primer, it took 4 coats of paint to not see the oak underneath! See the after below!

And the after!! I am clearly not an interior photographer, as my images don’t do the space justice, but this at least gives you an idea! I always find myself drawn to spaces that are primarily white and grey in design and decor, so I laugh at how this room ended up quite colorful! It’s a pretty dark space with windows only next to the fireplace, so color definitely makes the room more cheerful, especially on dreary days.
There is some empty space on the right side of the builtins, where I originally had a really lovely framed art print about home, but it bit the dust when a strong breeze blew in from the windows and knocked it to the ground! I still need to get a new frame for it and get it back up there! AMP_8907web

This photo is the most amazing to me – I just can’t believe there was ever a wall between the living room and the kitchen! I’m SO thankful we had it removed! AMP_8920web

Our remaining to-do in the living room is to remove the popcorn on the ceiling and paint it. You may notice in the photos that when the paneling got stained, the ceiling didn’t get properly taped off, so next to the wall there is about 3-4 inches of yellowed ceiling all the way around the room. It drives me nuts because it looks so dirty. I can’t imagine completing this job, as it seems so huge. So…maybe someday :)

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