Our Maternity Photos!

As a photographer, you might guess that having my own maternity photos was something I was SO looking forward to! I had originally scheduled a session near the end of June with Aly, my sweet friend from Iowa. As that date came and went without being able to go through with the session due to bedrest, I was beyond disappointed. It was just a week after my 3rd trip to the hospital for preterm labor, and it would have been way too risky at that point to move around enough to have our photos taken. I shed a few tears, knowing I was missing out on something that was so special to me.

Fast forward a little over a month…and my doctor gave me the go-ahead to do a maternity session!! Of course I jumped on the opportunity, and am SO thankful for my friend Jessica who was willing to take these photos for us!!! I will treasure these forever! The one thing we forgot to do after the shoot was have my husband take a photo of her and I…because she is expecting as well! It’s been so fun getting together with her throughout the past months to share our journeys with each other as we wait for our little babes with great anticipation!

I was 34 weeks when we had these photos taken :)This first one is silly, but I love it!

More photos of the nursery to come!











Phew, I still cannot believe how large this belly has grown so far!




Thank you again to Jessica for taking these for me! I’m excited to take photos of you and you new baby girl later in September!

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