35 weeks pregnant with twins!!

Yes, I do realize this blog has been full of pregnancy photos lately…if you’re tired of them, feel free to skip over this one! But we’re so close, not too many more updates to post!!!Wow, can you believe I’ve made it to this milestone?! I sure can’t! Eight weeks ago we thought for sure we were going to become parents to two tiny babies, and I am so very grateful the twins have kept growing inside me this long! On Thursday, we will have another growth scan for the babies, so it will be very exciting to see approximately how much they weigh! My guess is at least 6 lbs each at this point!

I will admit, I hit a big wall last week. I feel very mentally, physically and emotionally done. At this point, nothing is comfortable and most things are painful. I truly am so thankful that these babies are healthy and tucked away in me, so I don’t want to sound ungrateful or full of complaints, but the truth is that the end of a twin pregnancy is hard. Every day I wake up and pray that this is the day I will get to see their beautiful faces, and although I trust God’s perfect timing, I get a little disappointed each day that passes without them arriving. This journey has been a big learning experience…learning only the very beginning of what it means to sacrifice for my children. Because I know it would be best for them if I make it all the way to 38 weeks, but selfishly, I want them here now! To finally meet them and to have all my aches and pains disappear! So as much as I pray for God to bring them into the world soon, I also find myself praying for a deeper trust in His timing and strength for the present day!

Other updates?

I am off bed rest! Praise the Lord! Those two months were really hard and I am abundantly thankful they are behind me. Even though I’m off bed rest, I still rest a lot during the days, as my body is often exhausted!

We have nothing left to prepare for the babies’ arrival, which is so exciting!

I’ve developed carpal tunnel in the last couple weeks, and it seems to continue getting worse. I have a new sympathy for people who deal with this sydrome each day; it is extremely painful, especially at night. When I try to bend my fingers in the middle of the night, it feels like my knuckles are going to break :( I’ve been doing my best to ice my hands each day, but I haven’t found that to relieve the pain.

The other day I felt like my belly was WAY larger than the day before, so I measured it (around my belly, something I do every few days out of curiosity!) and guess what?! I had grown an entire inch from the day before! Can you even believe this belly is almost 45 inches around??! My oh my the babies are getting big!! I never imagined my skin could do this much stretching!

Those are all the updates I can think of for now. Tomorrow I will be posting photos of the nursery!

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