The twins: 6 months!

How in the world are these two half a year old already?! Their sixth month was so much fun. Sure, there are still overwhelming and stressful moments (those moments when I send out a panicked text to our neighbor to see if anyone is home to help for a few minutes! ha!), but these are becoming much less frequent. Abram and Madeline truly light up my life. I knew children would have a very special place in my heart, but I had no idea I could love them THIS much. And every day, my love for them seems to grow! I am loving this age, where they are much more interactive and interested in everything around them. And more smiley and giggley :)

Abe is currently 17lbs, 6oz (50th percentile) and Madeline is 15lbs 13oz (50th percentile for girls). The gap between them is widening! They are still drinking bottles four times a day – every 4 hours. Abe LOVES pureed foods and will chow down on anything we put on his spoon (so far, anyway!). Madeline is just beginning to take interest in food; I’m excited to watch her learn to love it! Remember how Madeline was rolling onto her tummy during the night, which meant every 30 minutes or so she was waking up screaming?! Well, shortly after their 6th month began, she finally caught on! She now LOVES sleeping on her tummy; it’s pretty adorable! She and Abe are both sleeping in big-kid jammies (SO fun!! I’m so thrilled we no longer swaddle them!) and sleep through the night – a full 12 hours! We have to go in to soothe one of them only once a week or so. It’s pretty glorious. I am so extremely grateful to feel rested again. They are now sleeping unswaddled as well – just with a light blanket with them in their crib. Hooray!AMP_7649 As you can tell even in these pictures, Madeline takes more interest in her brother than he does in her! ha!

“Here, brother…chew on this!”AMP_7661 AMP_7672 Remember their 5 month post? If not –go here for a refresher. Check out how much Abe’s hair grew in a month!! Insane! I love that he looks even more like Grant with all his hair :)AMP_7694 It looks like they’re discussing a very secretive topic! Won’t be long before they have their own language!AMP_7709 To my sweet Abram: You have got to be one of the most laid-back kiddos ever. And I love this about you! You respond to smiles instantly from anyone (once you’ve been around someone for a couple minutes, to learn they’re not scary, that is!), and you often smile and laugh when I smile at you while you’re crying. Yes, you are very fickle with your emotions! You only all-out cry when you’ve made a mess in your diaper, when you’re hungry, and when we suction your nose…that’s the worst of all. Other than those times, you’ll just whine if you’re tired and your dad and I think that’s pretty cute. You love it when we play peek-a-boo and blow in your face. You’re pretty easily entertained! Those things are pretty much a guarantee to get some giggles out of you! You also love it when I dance with you, and one thing you just can’t seem to get enough of is jumping in the exersaucer. In fact, you must just love the motion of jumping, as you often jump with your legs while you’re being burped. You also have this really funny habit of raising your hips up and down quickly when laying on your back…which scoots your body up- oh my goodness, this makes us laugh! You are such a champ with your helmet, and we are so thrilled you no longer have an obvious flat spot! Hopefully we can say our farewells to your helmet in another month. Recently, you’ve been really enjoying eating baby foods. I even dare say it’s one of your favorite times in the day! You make a hilariously cute mess :) I can’t wait to see your personality shine more and more in the next few months!AMP_7722Below: Yes, he still loves to make those funny sounds with his lips…EVEN when he has a mouth full of green beans! Which is why it makes for a hilarious mess…because how can you not crack up at that face?!AMP_7755 To my lovely Madeline: Your smile and laughter brings your mama so much joy! You have grown into such a happy baby, smiling so much all throughout the day. Even when I think you’re sound asleep in the swing (which happens on occasion when I can’t get you to nap in crib), I’ll glance over at you and you’ll flash me your big grin! I love the way you take so much interest in your brother. Just in the past week or so, you’ve been starting to push up onto your knees and scooting forward…most often it’s when you want to reach Abe! I have a hunch crawling or pulling yourself up to standing will be here before we know it! You’re very interested in touching things with your fingers, especially my face while you drink your bottle, your dad’s beard, and anywhere on Abe’s face/helmet. I wonder if this means you’ll be an affectionate gal?! One of your favorite times of each day is around 5:00 (if you’ve had good naps throughout the day!), when you get to be Miss Crazy Pants, as your dad and I like to call you :) It’s like you become a happy little ball of energy that just cannot be contained! You also LOVE your bottles. You scrunch up your little nose right when the bottle comes near your mouth, and once you begin drinking, you close your eyes like it’s the very best thing in the entire world. You’re SO close at mastering sitting on your own…you do great when looking at something in front of you, but looking to the side often throws off your balance. I can’t wait to see what month 7 has in store for you, my little sunshine!AMP_8051AMP_7828 This picture below cracks me up! I asked for captions on my facebook page – if you haven’t seen it, check it out! So funny! AMP_7900 Below left: best buds :)AMP_7929 AMP_7938 There’s probably so much I’m leaving out about this month, but that’s all I can think of for now! AMP_7976

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