the twins: 3 months!

Three months already! I look at their sweet little faces and bodies, and I can’t believe they were ever so tiny as they were the first couple weeks of their lives. They seem so big to me! Each month has certainly had its own joys and challenges, but the biggest joy in month three was their intentional smiles! It’s so exciting to see glimpses of their personalities emerge, and to see their whole faces light up when they smile! It’s been a challenging month in way of their acid reflux and getting their medication dosage correct. Last week was a difficult one, with Madeline often screaming in pain around her feedings. Times like that break my heart and make their smiles even more joyful to me. She will be seeing a GI specialist soon, and we are eager to get her tummy woes figured out so she can be more comfortable.

We are so, SO thankful that Abe & Madeline have been great sleepers in this third month, and they are mostly sleeping in their cribs at night now! Abe sleeps through the night (12 hours between feedings) almost every night, and on a good night, Madeline wakes up just 2-3 times and falls back to sleep when we “shush” her/offer her a pacifier. They don’t wake up to each other’s cries much yet, which we are grateful for!

At month three, Madeline weighs 12.5lbs. She loves exploring the world on her tummy, entertaining herself on the play mat, and adores bath time. She is all smiles when we wake her up in the morning, and is not typically a big fan of being put down for naps. She would way rather be held :) She has the cutest sneezes ever, where she does this whole round-up thing and then ends up not actually sneezing – it’s hilarious! She loves when I move her arms to the song “deep and wide”!At three months, Abe weighs 13lbs. In general, he is very smiley, and when he flashes his huge open-mouthed grin, he often buries his face on me, as if he’s a little shy. Adorable! He also loves entertaining himself on the playmat, and makes all sorts of sweet baby coo’s, especially the “oo” sound. He’s not a huge fan of bath time or time on his tummy, but is gradually warming up to both :) His little face lights up when we sing “head and shoulders knees and toes” to him! Another of his favorite past times is eating his hands…even when he’s not hungry! Some things I want to forever remember about them at this age:

I want to remember the look on their sleepy faces when I tickle their lips with the medicine dropper at 6:30am. Their expressions are priceless. I too would be shocked at a wake-up call like that!

I want to remember the way my husband loves on their little chubby bodies – having them soar like airplanes, giving them raspberries on their tummies, cuddling together under a blanket on the couch.

I want to remember the way Abe can go from a huge, open-mouthed grin to his adorable bottom-lip-stuck-out pout face in the blink of an eye!

I want to remember how Abe’s eyebrows are so expressive, from both up so high to one up and one down, to deeply furrowed. They communicate so much!

I want to remember the hilarious sounds and facial expressions that occur when Madeline works so hard to make a mess in her diaper :)

I want to remember the moments when Madeline decides she would way rather just smile at me than continue drinking her bottle!

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