Our Brookside house is for sale!

To say that a lot has been going on over here would be quite the understatement! Since earlier this year, my husband and I have considered listing our house and moving to a house that is more kid-friendly. Well, the time is here! As of yesterday, our house is on the market! We had our first showing last night and another tomorrow. We are SO hoping we get an offer quickly, as keeping the house so neat and tidy with toddler twins is a huge challenge! It is most definitely bittersweet, as we do love our home and have put so much work into making it our own. We love the neighborhood and have THE most phenomenal neighbors, so moving will be so sad in those ways. But we are excited for what is ahead! If you know of anyone looking to buy a home in the Brookside area, send them our way! :) Here are a couple pics from the listing:


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