My Own 2018 Family Photos

I seriously could not love these photos any more. I am SO thankful we had Briana of The Grays Photography capture our family this fall, and I already have these photos all over our home! Every single one makes my heart melt! They are such treasures to my family, especially since we had them taken on Eliza’s 2nd birthday!

It was also so good for me to be experience all over again what it’s like to be in front of the camera! You wouldn’t think I would be nervous beforehand because hey, I take family photos all the time! But no, it is completely different on the other side of the camera! I was nervous about it all – if my children would behave, how we would stand, ALL the things! Ha! And the evening went so well, and even without any kiddo melt-downs! Eliza took most of the shoot to warm up to what we were doing and had a bit of an attitude…but she was finally smiling by the end!

For our shoot, I decided to get my hair and makeup done, and I am SO GLAD I did! First, it was such a fun experience to get pampered like that (the last time I’ve had my hair & makeup done was for our wedding 8 years ago!), but more importantly, it photographed so very well. I felt so lovely and confident during the shoot, which was the best feeling! I can’t suggest it enough, mamas! Take the plunge to get your hair and makeup done; you’ll be so happy you did!

Ok, on to the photos! I could write a little caption with each one of them, I love my children’s expressions so much! But I’ll spare you from that! :) 

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