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And just like that, baby George is ONE! As his mama says, he is their little force of nature! He is super active and being outdoors has always been his jam. He has the sweetest ever big sister, and grandmas who take such delight in them <3 Not to mention their beautiful, intentional, loving parents. I don’t have adequate words to describe how highly I think of this family! Enjoy my favorites from their session in their stunning home!
Potter Family01Potter Family02Potter Family03Potter Family04Potter Family05Potter Family06Potter Family07Potter Family08Potter Family09Potter Family11Potter Family13Potter Family15Potter Family16Potter Family17Potter Family18Potter Family19Potter Family20Potter Family21Potter Family22Potter Family23Potter Family24Potter Family25Potter Family26Potter Family27Potter Family28Potter Family29Potter Family31Potter Family32Potter Family33Potter Family34Potter Family35Potter Family36Potter Family37Potter Family38Potter Family40Potter Family41Potter Family43Potter Family45Potter Family46Potter Family47Potter Family49Potter Family50Potter Family51Potter Family53Potter Family54Potter Family55Potter Family56Potter Family57Potter Family59Potter Family60Potter Family61Potter Family62

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