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Oh, this family! I’ve interacted with this beautiful mama and fellow photographer (whose work I adore!), but it wasn’t until the past month that I met her, and it’s been a true delight getting to know her and her family. And I love that she’s someone who I seem to bump into all the time when I’m out and about! :) She and her family moved into this gorgeous home just a couple months ago, and she has  THE most incredible knack for styling and decorating. I definitely have a crush on her home!! Cassandra, you need to be in a magazine!

I loved photographing you three – little miss Isla is so sweet and full of personality, and I could’ve spent hours with you guys! Enjoy my favorites from your session!Castenada Family-1Castenada Family-3Castenada Family-6Castenada Family-8Castenada Family-9Castenada Family-11Castenada Family-13Castenada Family-14Castenada Family-15Castenada Family-20Castenada Family-22Castenada Family-25Castenada Family-29Castenada Family-31Castenada Family-32Castenada Family-33Castenada Family-35Castenada Family-36Castenada Family-43Castenada Family-44Castenada Family-46Castenada Family-52Castenada Family-53Castenada Family-55Castenada Family-60Castenada Family-62Castenada Family-64Castenada Family-68Castenada Family-73Castenada Family-76Castenada Family-83Castenada Family-86Castenada Family-91Castenada Family-98Castenada Family-100Castenada Family-101Castenada Family-102Castenada Family-103Castenada Family-104Castenada Family-106

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