John & Shelley | Kansas City Wedding at Club 1000

When I first arrived at Club 1000 on John & Shelley’s wedding day, Shelley was getting her hair done while soaking her feet in an ice bath. Unusual sight on a wedding day?! Yes but not all that uncommon for this hard core bride! She and her husband-to-be, as well as a handful  of their wedding guests and some of their attendants, completed the KC Marathon just hours before! Talk about the most incredible start to a wedding day – I still don’t know how they endured the day with energy! Not only did Shelley run the marathon, she even set a new personal record. I suppose that only makes sense when she had a wedding to get ready for!

The KC Marathon was the very first one John & Shelley ran together, and they decided it would be perfect to travel back to KC from their home in Oklahoma to begin their marriage here, in this place that will forever have so much meaning to them. It was truly an honor to document the events of their wedding day. The way John & Shelley exude love for each other is inspirational; it’s obvious what a perfect match they are. Enjoy a look at what took place on their wedding day!

It’s no wonder Shelley iced her feet as she got ready – she had 4 inch Jimmy Choo’s to squeeze into! :)I LOVED this group of bridesmaids – they are the type of people you meet and instantly feel like you’ve been friends with them for a long time!This laughter? A frequent occurrence between these two :)Shelley – you are GORGEOUS and John – I love the way you are looking at her in this photo below, with complete adoration in your eyes.They rented a 70’s bus to drive the bridal party around to different locations – how sweet is that?!One of my favorites :)So, a lot of couples set up a dessert bar these days…but John & Shelley opted for a “marathon recovery corner” instead! Complete with pepto  bismol, anti-diarrheal, bandaids, blister cream, advil, chocolate milk, a cain, etc! How funny! All their medals on display? They are all from this past year! Amazing!
Shelley and her dad shared some sweet moments right before the ceremony:The view makes such a lovely backdrop for a wedding.
Congratulations again, John & Shelley! You two are an inspiration to me! For even more photos, click HERE for their slideshow.

Venue: Club 1000

Makeup Artist: Jolie Artistry

Dress Designer: St Pucci Couture



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