In front of the lens!

Last week Grant and I had our engagement photos taken by the talented Anna Jones of Anna Jones – Art of Photography. I met Anna through Bella Baby Photography, and she’s been a superb help for me at a few weddings this summer. The last time I had “real” photos taken of me was as a high school senior – over 7 years ago, so it felt totally different being in front of the camera rather than behind it!

If you’ve read any of the story about Grant’s elbow, you’ll probably look at these photos in amazement! At least I do anyway! Each day, I am stunned by his progress and healing. He has gained back significant range of motion, more than was originally predicted. He had his one-month post surgery appointment with the surgeon this week, and the surgeon is even amazed by how well he’s doing! As Grant was leaving the clinic, the physical therapist he initially talked to saw him and his mouth dropped, because you can hardly tell Grant has anything wrong with his elbow! The therapist said he’s never seen healing like that, and asked Grant what his secret was. Ha! Grant and I laughed at what a good sign that was for Grant, and how that was a bad sign for the physical therapist…he shouldn’t need to be taking tips of therapy from a patient! I love Grant’s response when people ask him how he’s doing so well: 3 things – Pain, Perseverance and Prayer. =)

IIn this first photo, you can see the spot where the fractured bone had punctured through his skin! Crazy!

This next one below is one of my favorites! I love our expressions; it’s very “us”!
Check out the gorgeous bling Grant put on my finger!!!And my favorite thing. Hearing Grant sing and play. Nothing compares to the joy that brings me!Another favorite. Grant singing with deep passion while I give him a little lovin’! Thank you Anna for gorgeous photos!

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