Courtney & Jon: wedding

“One night he told me he loved me when it was waaaaaay too early in our relationship.  With anyone else that might have freaked me out, but with Jon I was secretly delighted.”

These two have the sweetest story of first meeting then their paths went separate ways, and then met back up again years later when everything began to click.

In Courtney’s words,  “Jon is one of the kindest and most generous people I know.  He mows his parents’ lawn every week, spoils our cats rotten, goes out of his way to make everyone in a group feel included and appreciated, and always takes the middle seat on an airplane.  My friends have asked me “is Jon this funny all the time, even when we’re not around?”  (Yes, he is!)  He’s incredibly smart, and always has something interesting to teach me after he gets lost in a Wikipedia black hole.  I especially love how he’s always up for a new adventure, no matter how oddball the request – and he does it with enthusiasm.”

Jon says of Courtney, “Courtney is a wonderful, funny, smart, loving person. She is one of the most fun people I have ever been around, and is my best friend.”

These two are so lovable! Their enthusiasm for each other and for life is contagious, and they have an awesome group of core friends and family. Their intimate wedding was a blast to photograph!

To Jon and Courtney: Congratulations again! I’m so thrilled for you as a Mr. and Mrs. and so happy I could be a part of your wedding day! Cheers to you!

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