Christmas in our new home

AMP_3954 (1)AMP_3956 (1)Hello! It really does feel entirely ridiculous to be sharing photos from Christmas now, when the New Year is in full swing, but here I go! At least I got (most) of our Christmas cards out on time, anyway, ha!

I had so much fun decorating our new home for Christmas this year. A new space comes with excitement of figuring out where to put things and how to rearrange for the tree! I loved how cozy our home felt during Christmas, and I already have some ideas of how to do things differently next year!

At the very beginning of the Christmas season, I welcomed women in my new neighborhood over for brunch, which is when I took the photos of my tablescape. I would have LOVED to keep my table so lovely throughout December, but you know…kids! :) They still need a space to do art and eat meals without getting everything messy!


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