2018 In Review

I look back at 2018 and I am simply amazed and humbled. Humbled that so many families entrusted me to capture such important times in their lives, and amazed at how far I’ve come.

If you don’t know my story, I photographed weddings for 1o years, and during that time, weddings were my absolute love. I loved everything about wedding days, from the details to the emotion, to the bridal party, all of it!


But then as we added more children to our family, it became harder for me to muster up the energy required for a 12-hour wedding day on Saturdays, spent away from my family. So, in the summer of 2018, I made the very bittersweet decision to let my August wedding be my last (Rob & Cara: you couldn’t have given me a more amazing wedding to end with!!!). I would have done this with many more tears if it weren’t for the new passion that emerged in me: simple, whitespace portraits of motherhood, children, babies and families. In April, I photographed my first session in my new studio space, and over the course of the next few months, I knew deep down that THIS is where I needed to be. My studio space quickly transformed into what I envisioned (thank you so much to the help of my husband and my dad – their hard work to help me create the flooring I longed for!) and with each session in that space, my love for this style of shooting grew.

When I had that seed of inspiration in the spring, I had no idea it would take me to this place – to look back at the year at so many incredible families I’ve had the privilege to work with. THANK YOU to all who have supported me in this journey! I am making some changes for 2019 that will help me serve my clients better and create for them an even more meaningful experience when they come in for their session. Exciting stuff!!

I have many sessions scheduled for 2019 so far, including a couple summer and fall family portrait sessions. If you know you will be needing portraits of your family, little ones, or newborns this year, contact me asap to get on my calendar!

Now for the fun part…a look at my 2018 sessions! I can’t tell you enough how IMPOSSIBLE it felt to only choose one favorite from each session! I’m leaving out so many favorites, but I love seeing all my sessions grouped together like this! <3

Happy New Year to all my beautiful clients!

Welcome! I'm so thrilled you stopped by. Get comfy and take a look around at some of my recent shoots, and drop me a message to connect more!

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tel 913-209-8842Kansas City