Lake Tahoe Adventures

How in the world I let TWO months pass by without even editing these photos…I will never understand! It was SO fun to go through these today, and re-live this amazing trip! In August, I traveled to Lake Tahoe to shoot a wedding (Deena & Joel’s, which was phenomenal!) and my dear friend Amanda 2nd shot with me. Our husbands joined us the day after their wedding, and we enjoyed a few days of vacation together! We rented a home in the mountains and IT WAS GLORIOUS. It was my longest time away from my children, and although I missed them dearly, it was so incredibly freeing to not have a set schedule for a handful of days. I walked or ran each morning, and one morning I found a huge rock that looked out over the mountain to the lake, and simply sat there. It had been a long time since I let myself BE. And it was amazing.

We had so much fun together as couples exploring the area, lounging on the beach, trying out a hole-in-the-wall sushi place, and of course – taking photos! The evening before we flew home, we went out to this amazing overlook and took photos of each other. SO fun! So the shots below are mostly film (a couple digital thrown in here and there), and all taken by me except the ones with me in it, which Amanda took! She’s so talented, and I’m so thankful for these shots of my husband and I! :)

Amanda & Sunil are ridiculously adorable in front of a camera, and it was a blast photographing them!


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