Client Style Guide

Your wardrobe, the location of your session, and the light are the three biggest factors that will impact the look of your session. Please read this guide thoroughly, and scroll to the end to see the options available to you in my Studio Wardrobe.

By now, you should be familiar with light colored, natural minimalism! I have grown to adore simple, white images for maternity, newborns and young families. I love the way light colors highlight my clients and the interaction that takes place between them in my images! Another reason to love this light, minimalistic look? It’s perfect for new, postpartum mamas because the white/creamy dress blends in with the white walls so well that it is naturally slimming! That’s a win-win to me!

For the women:
Dresses are most flattering. I suggest dresses that are either solid or with a small floral pattern and light in color – white, cream, light blue, light blush. Cream maxi skirts with a plain white tank are great too! Think feminine details: lace, ruffles, etc! Jewelry should be kept small and minimal so that it’s not a distracting element.

For the men:
Light colored, mostly solid button-up, solid t-shirts are best, without logos on the front. Light grey, camel or tan khakis are great. Simple!

For the children:
Same as for the grown-ups! Adding details is wonderful: suspenders, headbands, bows!

To match or not to match?!
Think of what coordinates well together instead of matching colors. When you match outside, you’ll blend in together, which is a no-go! But, also try to stick with similar tonal range…aka I suggest everyone wearing medium to light colors, instead of one family member wearing a very dark color, and one wearing a very light color. This way, you’ll be cohesive together without being overly matchy. As much as I LOVE white, I don’t recommend everyone in the family wearing solid white! Add in some light grey or light pink/cream/camel…you get the idea!

Check out my Pinterest Board for wardrobe inspiration.

As you plan for your session, I’m happy to help! Email me your ideas and I’ll give you feedback!

Where to shop?



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Red Dress Boutique

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Now for the fun part: The Studio Wardrobe!

As my client, you have the special privilege of choosing any style you’d like from my curated client wardrobe! The pieces in this wardrobe are chosen because of how flattering and lovely they are on various body sizes/shapes. If you’d like to try anything on prior to your session, feel free to set up a time with me. There are more options available than just what is pictured!

* Please note that these options can be clipped/pinned to look beautiful in portraits if they are a little too big/small. Don’t solely go by what sizes are listed here!

Click on the images below to view them larger.

For the Women:

For the Little Boys:

For the Little Girls:

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tel 913-209-8842Kansas City