Weston Red Barn Farm Wedding Photography: Second Shooting with Melissa Jill

Words truly can’t describe how excited I am to share this post with you! Rebecca Peters and I got to help shoot a wedding with Melissa Jill, who has been hugely influential in my business. I attended her workshop right when I began my business, and she was the inspiration that propelled me forward. I would have never dreamed of getting to shoot a wedding with her! It was a gorgeous day all around, but oh my goodness, I have never been SO hot in my life! Over 100 degree temps and no a/c at the Weston Red Barn Farm!

Melissa Jill: thank you again for allowing me to shoot with you! I admire you in so many ways and it was so great spending the day with you!

{To see Melissa’s amazing images from the day, click here!}

Congratulations to Amanda & Jeremy!

Amanda’s flowers were delightful in every way. And her dress – Amanda is so talented that she MADE her dress, inspired by a photos…and didn’t even use a pattern. That is some extreme talent!I always love the expression of a bride right after she gets into her wedding dress! Pure joy!Melissa Jill in action :) I love that she captures such natural, joy-filled expression!Tender moments like this happened all throughout the day when no one was looking. I loved being able to capture this sweetness!
That makes the very first completed goal on my revised 101 in 1001 list! #28 check!

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